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TOP 100 Korean K-Pop Songs of All Time

 Pooling the results of Korean K-Pop Songs of All Time

K POP Bracket Full Size FINAL GG TOP 100 Lagu Korea K Pop Terbaik Sepanjang Masa 
As you can see in the picture above, is the result of pooling Korea K-Pop Songs of All Time held by popdust site. Ehmmm can see that the model is in a duel poolingnya per group so you can imagine the thrill of pooling. Well as you can see the results the winner is SNSD aka Girls Generation. Yeap agree it anyway, because I think that SNSD itself is worthy of being one of the K-Pop legends of All Time. Well here I will peel each round listnya icon smile Korea K TOP 100 Best Pop Songs of All Time ... tolerable bit long, but apa2 ga deh, exciting also wrote it. (Oh yes let's easy you can click the image above for a larger image Seeing and clear). So for the results of Korean K-Pop Songs of All Time you can see through the picture above. Well below I will discuss his song list icon smile Korea K TOP 100 Best Pop Songs of All Time.The Greatest K-Pop Song of All Time!!!K-Pop girl group songs Best

Gee - Girls Generation
Abracadabra - Brown Eyed Girls
One More Time - Jewelry
Roly Poly - T-ara
I Am the Best - 2NE1
Tell Me - Wonder Girls
Mister - KARA
Because of You - After School
Bubble Pop! - HyunA
Black Happiness - Tasha
My Name - BoA
Good Day - IU
10 Minutes - Lee Hyori
Sonata of Temptation - Ivy
Crazy - Son Dam Bi
Irreversible - Ga-InK-Pop boyband song Best

Gangnam Style - Psy
Incurable Disease - Wheesung
Rainism - Rain
Abandoned - Jay Park
Tarantallegra - Junsu
Better Together - Se7en
I Need a Girl - Taeyang
Hello, Goodbye, Hello - Kim Bum-Soo
Sorry Sorry - Super Junior
Cherry Blossom Ending - Busker Busker
Fiction - B2ST
Lucifer - SHINee
Haru Haru - BIGBANG
Even If I Die (I Can Never Let You Go) - 2AM
Rising Sun - TVXQ
I'm a Loner - CNBLUETop Songs list best korean kpop (Version Gue)TOP 100 Korean K-Pop Songs of All TimeKpop fever band again? Ah ga also atuh neng, it's just a fad aja write something that is on the hard drive. Yep than at idle as well, mumpung ni sunday, eh bener ga ya? This feeling Sunday deh icon biggrin TOP 100 Korean K Pop Songs of All Time .... screwy. Lebay fact, immediately wrote to point ude korea best song of all time. Guess-what ya song kir Korea K-Pop Songs of All Time. Ehmmm may Bruni Mars time yes, WEKZ ga ... si Bruni singing songs bang kpop times. Ckckckck ...But it's cool songs kpop tuh-cool anyway, though uda ga frequently used to love Korean pop songs listened to GTU, as demands for more rockin cohabited but to know how the environment mation on cartwheels on ngeBoyzband temen2 gw gtu. Maybe there is a song or k-pop korean latest to be me cantumin here, but more of Korean pop songs old.Oh yeah forgot earlier, hehehe ... List Korean songs are made in the best here is the criteria of my ears, so if you agree ga no problemo laa ... please add your favorite pop song korean yourselves under ya. ehehehehe ...# 1. G-DRAGON - A BOYBIGBANG is the most Korean boysband I like, and G-Dragon is the coolest guy I think that korea. Napa either do not know this song for me ehehehe tuh cool ... so very worthy to be Korean K-Pop Songs of All Time. Perhaps because of the G-Dragon uda bener2 idupku make more cohabited, till-till had become rapper karbitan in years yesterday. Quite well and get a lot of fans in reverbnatian wkwkwk ... who are curious about my songs here 2. Sorry Sorry - Super JuniorEither agree or engga think k-pop still going ga nothing without Super Junior. Yeap song of Super Junior in the above list are eligible to enter Korea K-Pop Songs of All Time. Sorry Sorry is a cool song, dancenya too cool. From here I could learn this song kwkwkwk dancing with the intentions of the heart ... like suju even want to tell my friend "turtle dance". Ga I Weve really dancing pantes times yes.# 3. Blue - BIGBANGEngga goes without protest, his Blue napa Big Bang could go no 3. Kan said above uda in BigBang is my favorite band, hehehe .. I think this song in my ear the most mature among other kpop songs. So Blue its Big Bang song is very worthy to enter the Korean K-Pop Songs of All Time XD. I first heard Kpop just for fun-fun doang nyenengin drunk boyfriend kpop bener2 uda. But after hearing this song I'm starting to think that K-pop is a type of music that will be lasting all the time. And once again the Big Bang examples just in the Korean music industry. <3 so thumbs plus for this song# 4. Mr. Simple - Super JuniorThis song is very cool I think. because it combines perfectly with the new lifestyle of young people in this age. This is what we want, we want our life just as it is with fashion and style scene and have exciting rhythms of life. Of course what is more perfect than could be described by one of the best groups of young people in asia - Suju! So this song really deserves to be Korea's most popular songs worldwide. (Ehmm lebay bang Ko)# 5. Gee - SNSDEngga can deny without Cherrybelle SNSD then there will never be XD. Ehmmm oq same ... I like ... chibi chibi chibi Cherrybelle .. Feedback normal guy which is not like, but yeah just limited to love staring at doang personnel, but rather SNSD song deh me. Loh even discuss Cherrybelle ckckckckck .. Ok SNSD Girls Band is No. 1 in the world today, according to my glasses anyway so, whether that trio could publish until ni SNSD korea may be losing a tiger roar same time yes they are. But ... yes they tuh ehmmm engga be just Tallent doang cool, but with the support of management and exceptional professionalism behind them then so be super girls band on this eart. Yes SNSD song is eligible to enter the list of Korean K-Pop Songs of All Time# 6. Lucifer - SHINeeThis is an amazing song and fantastic. With complex dance this song manages to be the most amazing song in the history of Kpop and complicated in my head. Plus, since its emergence SHINEee instantly hypnotize the world. Ckckckck thumb feels ... ga nae for this group. So this song certainly deserves to enter the list of Korean K-Pop Songs of All Time# 7. Bonamana - Super JuniorClay used to fit this song the first time I was stunned, unique and cool dancenya ehehehe .. immediately want to dance like that tried exercise, but what say tetep still "" turtle dance ". So I urungin to be a dancer-style suju kwkwkwk. But honestly does ni song is cool oath. be eligible to enter the list of coolest kpop song of all time.# 8. Ring Ding Dong - ShineeFitting beginning appears in the world, a global direct this song is played all over the world .. of asia, africa, america, north pole until then play this song. Even dancing pandas and penguins come ngedengerin ni song (can not believe? ... Same) ... The children of SHINee has proven again that they are one of the strikers or the spearhead of kpop and korean music wave. This song is very catchy with amazing melodies. Supported cool dance moves that show off their talents! So it's a very decent song into a song list or pop korean kpop best in history, from the dinosaur age until age bumble bee.# 9. Nobody - Wonder GirlsBecause ni legendary song, until ayu ting dangdut tingpun brought in, and there are also girls who arranged a little band indo njiplak mean (once again contrived dangdut). I think this is one of the best kpop song of all time, A lot of women idolize them, their personalities are pretty cool too. The song was liked by all levels of society. Small children (even infants), young people, adults, the elderly, all love this song. Their song can penetrate into the American market. And enter 1 in the Billboard RANKING. So it is very feasible if the song list entry kedalah Korea K-Pop Songs of All Time.# 10 Gangnam Style - PSYNumber 1 billboard Britain, Germany, America and around the world. Like many get on youtube. Mandapatkan download the most in at itunes. Yet there is a korean song's success. This is the song that has made all the people who have never heard of K-pop before starting curious and listening K-pop. The music video for this song has made history. This makes videos on youtube of the most favored of all time. But why so korean kpop song that no 10. Hehehe this list because in my opinion, because I think he deserves to be number 10 Korean K-Pop Songs of All Time.Other songs:Korean K-Pop Songs of All Time

Fire - 2NE1
Neverland - U-KISS
Lies - Big Bang
Roly Poly - T-ara
Mirotic - DBSK
Love Ya - SS501
Fiction - Beast
I Am the Best - 2NE1
I Love You - 2NE1
It's War - MBLAQ
It Hurts - 2NE1
No Other - Super Junior
The Boys - Girls' Generation
Genie - Girls' Generation
U - Super Junior
Again & Again - 2PM
Lonely - 2NE1
It's You - Super Junior
Crazy - Teen Top
Go Away - 2NE1
Lucky Guy - Kim Hyun Joong
Replay - SHINee
BTD - Infinite
I Do not Care - 2NE1
Tick ​​Tack - U-KISS
Song for You - SS501
Into the New World - Girls' Generation
Irony - Wonder Girls
Making a Lover - SS501
Hands Up - 2PM
Hello - SHINee
Ma Boy - Sistar
A-cha - Super Junior
Bad Woman - FT Island
Supa Luv - Teen Top
Lupin - Kara
The Story Only I Did not Know - IU
Nu Abo - f (x)
Kissing You - SNSD
Fantastic Baby - Bigbang
Heartbeat - 2PM
Hot Issue - 4Minute
I'll Be Back - 2PM
In Heaven - JYJ
Superman - Super Junior
Tonight - BigBang
Ugly - 2NE1
Love Revolution - CNBlue
Sherlock - SHINee
Haru Haru - BigBang
Why? (KYHD) - TVXQ
Oh! - Girls' Generation
Like the First Time - T-ara
Jiggy - F.CUZ
Lollipop - 2NE1
Hello, Hello - FT Island
Abracadabra - Brown Eyed Girls
Lovely Dovey - T-ara
Space Fantasy - Epaksa
Marry U - Super Junior
History - EXO-K
Bad Girl Good Girl - Miss A.
Girl - Kim Hyung Jun
Hands Up - Big Bang
Warrior - B.A.P.
Can not Let You Go Even If I Die - 2AM
I'm a Loner - CN Blue
Step - Kara
Opera - Super Junior
Mister - Kara
Be Mine - Infinite
Cry Cry - T-ara
Because I'm Stupid - SS501
Troublemaker - Troublemaker (HyunA & Hyunseung)
Insane - BtoB
Alone - Sistar
Good Day - IU
Mona Lisa - MBLAQ
JoJo - Shinee
Wedding Dress - Taeyang
Hug - DBSK
Barae / I Hope - F.T Island
Hanarete Itemo - 2PM
I'm Going Crazy - SE7EN
Touch - Miss A
Baby I'm Sorry - B1A4
Get Out - JYJTOP 100 Korean K-Pop Songs of All TimeWell that's the best korean song list of all time according to my own version hehehe, how about you? Do you also have songs - korean song memorable in the hearts and ears. Share dong under, who knows no more of our friends are still looking for the best Korean lagu2 mp3 playlist for Listening reference.

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